Ending the Demand Program
It is the demand for women and children for Commercial sex that is fueling sex trafficking. EFA advocates for penalties for the buyers of commercial sex and provides education designed to influence systemic change to correct the societal ignorance and tremendously skewed enforcement that continuously criminalizes victims. We make sure that we train youth, teachers, professionals, police, governmental authorities and the public about the harm of sexual exploitation and to prevent women and children from becoming victims. This program launched a national campaign called ‘Real Men Do Not Buy Sex Campaign’ at the end of July 2015.
Prevention Program
Prevention is the key to ending commercial sexual exploitation. The program aims at raising public awareness by engaging youth and the community at large to prevent women and girls from becoming victims of commercial sexual exploitation. It will educate them about the risks and causes of commercial sexual exploitation. By spreading awareness, EFA will work to build safer, more productive communities and families while offering survivors a space to both heal and reach their full potential. EFA will carry out different prevention programs that will educate youth, government officials, law enforcement, and the public about the harm of commercial sexual exploitation. This will be done through marches, rallies, press conferences, public advertising, workshops and coalition building. Among these prevention programs are Educational campaigns programs whereby there will be three types of Educational campaigns programs i.e. Educational Campaign Program for Primary Schools (ECPPS), Educational Campaign Program for Secondary Schools (ECPSS) and Educational Campaign Program for Universities (ECPU).
 Child Prostitute Rescue Operation (CPRO)
This project aims to rescue children who have been exploited in sex industry. We will collaborate with different stakeholders to make this happens. We will rescue them from the hands of pimps, bar owners and casinos.
Vocational Training Crash Program
It is our plan to build two vocational training schools in Dar es Salaam and Moshi which will take up to 100 at-risk children, girls and women every six months. These schools are meant only for prostitutes who want to quit that ‘business’. At this school risk children, girls and women will be benefited from counseling program, health program, transformational studies, spiritual program, entrepreneurship program and vocational training programs such as tie & die, batik making, soap making,decoration,catering etc .just for four weeks. After finishing, they will be assisted with a little capital which will help them to go and start new life.
Legal Services Advocacy Program
The aim of this program will be to provide victims with access to free legal services for non-criminal matters, EFA will work with and educate key stakeholders in the criminal justice system to minimize the re-victimization and criminalization of victims and ensure equal access to justice. This will improve the justice system’s response to victims, while empowering women and girls to know and stand up for those rights and protections afforded them under the law.
Social Media Networking Program
This will be a social media networking which will enable EFA to spread its vision, mission and objectives all over the country and abroad. It will network all stakeholders especially youths who are number one victims of commercial sexual exploitation. Everyday EFA will have a new message for the people through social media. However the network will create ambassadors of Anti-prostitution campaign all over the country. In its early stage of establishing itself, EFA will use this medium frequently to communicate its message to the community at large.
24-Hour Hotline Program
This will be a 24- Hour confidential hotline. To assist risk children, girls and women across the country whenever they encounter problems in the cause of prostituting. However, it will offer counseling to those who want to quit prostitution. The helpline will also receive information from across the country about girls’ children who are in bondage in the hands of pimps.
Community Piggery Project
This project will rescue at- risk girls and women of Rau from economic hardship. Having their own cash will prevent them from being trapped into prostitution.


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